I consider Danielle to be a natural healer! After our sessions I've been left feeling both incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. Her deep understanding of energy/chakras has seriously abated the suffering I've felt with my intermittent nerve pain for the last decade. It's been very powerful and intense, and I would highly reccomend Danielle to anyone, she is very passionate about her work and makes you feel at ease. Doing reiki has been a wonderful experience for my mind, spirit, body and soul. 

- Lawrence C-G - Firle

Doing reiki with Danielle has been an outstanding experience to say the least! I was quite nervous to recieve my first reiki treatment but Danielle made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the start. During the reiki session i experienced such a deep state of relaxation i never wanted it to end! I even experienced a sensation of levitation at one point! I will highly recommend recieving a reiki treatment from Danielle to absolutely everyone! 

- Elizabeth H- Hailsham

I had such a fulfilling reiki experience with Danielle. She has a bright and positive energy and immediately made me feel comfortable. She was professional throughout the session and really informative about how she works and the process which made me feel at ease. Afterwards she held my space so that I could share how I felt and chatted with me remaining objective and with my needs in mind all the time which rounded off the session really well. Thank you Danielle. I look forward to my next session with you! 

- Alice P-B - Lewes

I went to receive a reiki treatment from Danielle as a last resort, for an ongoing pain I've had in my knee for over 5 years. During the treatment i felt very relaxed and experienced a dream like state. After the session i realised the pain in my knee had lessened dramatically and after another session 2 weeks later it had completely gone! Two months on and i am still pain free! Thank you Danielle!

- Jim M - Lewes

Thank you so much Danielle for such a wonderful experience, i can't wait for my next reiki treatment with you! 

- Mandy M - West Sussex

My reiki treatment with Danielle was absolutely incredible! I arrived feeling quite low and when i left the treatment room I felt like i was walking on a cloud! I'm so glad I chose to have my first reiki experience with Danielle!

Thank you for everything.

-Pippa L- Brighton


When i had my first reiki session it felt very calming and relaxing, i felt very relieved and like a big weight had been lifted off of me and it was wonderful! After the session, my head felt clear and i felt light within myself and a lot happier, on my second reiki session it was a little different, good but different... like everything was getting a lot easier and i was becoming a lot happier. Reiki with Danielle has helped me overcome a few hills in my life and i definitely recommend. 

-Mia M - Horsham

I would highly recommend a reiki session with Danielle to anyone. It was really interesting as it was my first experience with doing anything like reiki.I have meditated before or at least tried but this was different. The reiki treatment really helped me connect to blocked answers and ideas that could lead to very positive change in my life. It has helped me realise who and what is good for me and what is no longer serving my highest good. I feel i have gained a lot of wisdom and confidence from my reiki session. I felt very empowered towards the end of the session, like a flush of good energy coursing through you. Danielle is very kind and i felt very safe like i could tell her anything. Thank you Danielle. 

-Josh J-S - Hove


I am pleased to say that i have had a few sessions of reiki with the very kind Danielle now, and i have greatly benefited from it. I have generalised anxiety disorder and a panic disorder and my reiki treatments with Danielle have really helped my mental health. Reiki should be practiced more as i feel everyone can benefit from it and also it can be done anywhere.

- Dawn B - Brighton

I came to Danielle with little experience of holistic treatments and i was totally blown away by the powerful practice of reiki. I experienced such a mesmerizing state of bliss and relief, i left the treatment room feeling like a much lighter and clearer version of me! Danielle has such a calming presence i would recommend a reiki treatment with her no matter what you're going through! Thank you Danielle. 

-Tom A - Sweden 

Danielle's reiki treatments have really helped me heal so many areas of my life, let her help you! - Grace S- London 

All I can say is thank you, thank you so much Danielle! - Sarah T - USA

Danielle is such a wonderfully kind and gifted healer, I highly recommend Danielle and her reiki treatments to everyone I know! 

- Katherine S - Brighton 

My distance reiki healing with Danielle was very relaxing and her findings were scarily accurate! I am so grateful to receive reiki healing from Danielle. 

- Shira S - India

In a word, amazing! Danielle's skill, professionalism and immense understanding of reiki and its benefits are immediately apparent! I had a wonderful session in which i could feel the stress lifting away! I slept very very well for the first time in ages. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Danielle's services!

- Paul Davies - Horsham 

Danielle is undeniably gifted at creating space for trust and healing to occur. In that state of openness, the healing process unfolds for chakra clearing. Danielle gave a very intuitive healing session. So beneficial... calming washes over you. What an incredibly gifted individual and i feel blessed for the experience. Beyond words...healing from a beautiful soul!

- Joy L-W - Wisconsin, USA

This morning I experienced the most amazing healing from Danielle, I could feel her working and pulling out the blockages. I feel so much more focussed and lighter thank you so much for this opportunity.         

- Katie Bo- Leeds

Danielle was able to see that i was feeling worried when she did a distance healing for me. During the session, I fell asleep for an hour and a half! Danielle is very caring and compassionate, it not only comes across in her words, but you can just feel it. Thank you.

- Dewi M-V - Singapore

I received the best distance reiki healing treatment yesterday. Danielle is a very passionate and kind person. She let me understand every aspect and gave me a new direction towards a successful life. 

I would recommend everyone to have at least one session with her because words can not express the beauty of her passion. 

-Mohammed W - Dubai 

Danielle was able to give me reiki from a distance and immediately I felt a warm sensation all over my body. I felt relaxed and comfortable during her session. The information she shared with me was not only accurate and relevant to me but it was extensive and thorough. She was kind enough to cover several different modalities with me, including a card reading, reviewing my aura, and sharing positive affirmations with me to use in the future. I was and still am processing the information because there was so much. I am so grateful for what she shared with me and would definitely come back again. Five out of five!

- Amina T- Arizona, USA

I would highly recommend Danielle Millis. I had a beautiful experience with her. She connected with me by way of long-distance reiki and what followed was truly special. At the arranged time, I felt a change in mental and emotional activity almost instantly. Naturally, I questioned whether I was experiencing a self-induced placebo effect but after speaking to her once the treatment was over she communicated to me what can only be described as prophecy. She told me about things i'd been experiencing during recent times and what was coming next. The things she told me she could have only known if she'd been close to me for a few years prior, but we'd only met the week before to arrange the session. It's quite clear Danielle has access to an otherworldly higher source of knowledge. 

-Paul W - Leicester 

I've had the pleasure of doing a long-distance Reiki healing session with Danielle and it was a warm, soothing experience that left me calmly introspective. I have PTSD and I'm going through a lot of change in my life and as open as I am to the change, it's still draining my energy. Danielle picked up on this and reset me! She refreshed my chakras and cleared me to receive all the abundance around me! Danielle is such a beautiful soul! She's truly gifted and amazing!

-Daniela Y - Brooklyn, USA

Danielle is great to work with, I can't thank her enough. Danielle's services have helped me with some healing breakthroughs, changes, and transformation in my life. It's good to shift those energies and experience new ways to approach things differently in life based on our inner wellness from the perspective of a deeper truth within. 

-Lawrence S - West Sussex

Through my powerful healing session with Danielle, I found her to be awesomely focussed, clearly dedicated, insightful, gifted, caring and thorough! She went over and beyond what one might expect; she was very real and down to earth while being clearly spiritually connected. And I felt that she really cared about me and my life. How lovely! She also seemed very open to expanding her own considerable knowledge; she was excited about learning more from a few of my own inspiring author contacts. Through our session, I found the encouragement and insight I needed to settle into the changes I was experiencing. I'd call her again easily for any future needs. She is the real deal, and you'll be glad to have her support in your life. Promise!

-Robyn B - Hawaii