Animal reiki is a kind and non invasive healing technique which can have powerful effects on all variations of animals and birds. Animals are highly receptive to energy and this gentle practice is not only helpful to the animal but also to the relationship between the animal and its human counterpart. Much like reiki for humans animal reiki involves channelling life force energy to the participant, which allows for an energetic balancing and clearing process to take place. 


Please note:

An animal has the right to accept or decline the reiki treatment and this decision will be determined via a distance reiki session after payment has been recieved. Although it is unlikely, If the animal does decline the invitation to recieve a reiki treatment you will be informed of the next steps we will take. 


  • - Distance reiki healing prior to physical treatment


    -Reiki healing


    - Removal of energetic blockages


    - Chakra healing


    - Travel to animals location (within a 25 mile radius of Brighton UK)


    - Approval from Danielle's registered vet