The $ Make It Rain $ Candle is made with coconut and soy wax which is the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend for candles, all of our candles are handmade with the purest ingredients.


The colour mint green was chosen to bring in ‘minted’ and abundant vibes! Green is also associated with the heart chakra and the intention with this colour was mainly to open the heart chakra, so you can align yourself with the things that you are most passionate about and ultimately turn these passions into lucrative ventures. All candles have appropriate reiki symbols placed on them to add power to the intention. The essential oils and herbs that have been used for this candle each have very specific spiritual properties that are as followed:


Frankincense essential oil Frankincense is an ancient herb that carries a sweet and woody aroma with hints of lemon. It is strongly associated with solar energy which is the most powerful source of life force energy and for this reason has potent attraction abilities. Frankincense is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is said to instil confidence and inner strength and the ability to take action on your desires.  Frankincense is relaxing, healing and improves your spiritual connection which allows you to be open to receive the blessings coming your way. Frankincense was once worth more than gold and was used as an offering to holy men across time. Success, good fortune and abundance are all associated with this powerful herb.


Myrrh essential oil – Myrrh is an ancient herb which has a deep aromatic, woody and a slight medicinal scent. Myrrh is associated with the moon which has a significant impact on the energy system and is great for calling on for attraction, manifestation, protection and becoming aware of the internal world. Myrrh is also associated with the third eye and crown chakra and is great for healing, cleansing and enhancing these chakras which allows for effortless manifestation as you clear outdated beliefs that do not serve you anymore and begin aligning your vision and mind with your desires as well as strengthening your intuitive abilities.


Basil- Basil is the herb used to decorate this candle and it is a potent and powerful herb that Is often called the abundance herb. It is used to attract good luck and success and is particularly good at drawing in money.


*All candles have details on how to use inside postage box*

$ Make It Rain $ Intention Candle

  • Wax:

    80% coconut wax and 20% soy wax- the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend. 



    Frankincense essential oil - 3%

    Myrrh Essential oil - 2%



    Fresh basil



    450 G 


    Burn Time: 

    Up to 45 hours