Distance reiki is a powerful and effective way to recieve reiki healing. Distance reiki enables you to recieve a reiki treatment from the comfort of you own home, wherever you are in the world. During a session you will most likely feel the energy working on you in the form of warm sensations on the body, an elevated mood, relaxation or tiredness. After the session Danielle will provide her findings regarding your treatment via Facebook messenger, Skype or Imessage and then you will have a chance to talk about your experience and ask any questions. Distance reiki makes this powerful therapy highly practical and accesible to all. 


  • - Reiki healing


    -  Energetic clearing and balancing


    - Chakra reading 


    - Aura reading 


    - Energetic cord cutting


    - Intuitive messages to assist with the activation of your own healing power at this time


    - Discussion about experience during reiki treatment


    - Action plan for healing treatment


    - Intuitive card reading