The Deep Healing Candle is made with coconut and soy wax which is the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend for candles,all of our candles are handmade with the purest ingredients.


This candle was designed to encourage deep reflection and a fresh new perspective on traumatic situations or hurtful experiences. The colour white was chosen to bring in deep healing as white light contains all the colours in the light spectrum which enables healing on all levels, in reference to the chakra system. All candles have appropriate reiki symbols placed on them to add power to the intention. The essential oils that have been used each have very specific spiritual properties that are as followed:


Lavender essential oil- Lavender holds a sweet, floral and berry like aroma. Lavender is associated with the planet mercury which rules communication and knowledge. Therefore this powerful herb corresponds to the throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra and helps to remove unhealthy thought patterns deeply rooted in the subconscious while helping to replace them with a new perspective.  Lavender encourages deep reflection has deeply calming and cleansing effects as well as making the user feel supported and comforted.


Spikenard essential oil- Spikenard is an earthy, woody and musky aroma that has been used to anoint holy men as well as having been used for medicinal purposes since the biblical times. Spikenard opens the heart chakra and helps to remove deep rooted grief and resentments as well as energetic blockages such as fear, anxiety, deep sadness, grief, worry and depression. Spikenard cleanses the energy system of emotions that are harmful to your well-being and ultimately makes room for feelings of love and compassion.


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Deep Healing Intention Candle

  • Deep Healing Intention Candle - 450ml



    80% coconut wax and 20% soy wax- the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend. 



    Lavender essential oil - 3%

    Spikenard Essential oil - 2%



    Dried lavender


    Burn Time: 

    Up to 45 hours