The Cupids Arrow Candle is made with coconut and soy wax which is the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend for candles, all of our candles are handmade with the purest ingredients.  


The colour pink was chosen to bring in true and long lasting love. Pink is also associated with the heart chakra and the intention with this colour was mainly to open the heart chakra, so you can open yourself up to true acceptance and love of self and another. All candles have appropriate reiki symbols placed on them to add power to the intention. The essential oils and herbs that have been used for this candle each have very specific spiritual properties that are as followed:


Jasmine- Jasmine is a well renowned herb that has graced royal palace gardens as well as the gardens of famous poets. The floral and light scent of jasmine is mystical and enchanting. Jasmine is associated with the moon and therefore has potent attraction powers. Jasmine is especially useful when seeking to attract spiritually pure love as opposed to spicy flings.


Pink Pepper- Pink pepper oil is a zesty, fruity, spicy and peppery scent that is refreshing and inspiring. Pink pepper oil comes from the shrub Schinus mole which was revered by the Incas as the tree of life. Pink pepper is associated with the heart and throat chakra and allows any blockages within these chakras the be cleansed and transmuted. This oil opens your erotic, rapturous nature and fills your energy body with love. Pink pepper also allows one to be cleansed of feelings of shame, fidgety, body issues and feelings of vulnerability. This is said to be the oil of true love as it removes all preventing you from true love and opens you up to feel the feelings associated with true love.


Rose- Rose is the herb used to decorate this candle due to the strong association roses have with true love. Rose is also said to be associated the feminine, yin aspect within oneself and can enhance intuitive abilities as well as attracting good luck, health and love.


*All candles have details on how to use inside postage box*

Cupids Arrow Intention Candle

  • Cupids Arrow Intention Candle - 450ml



    80% coconut wax and 20% soy wax- the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend. 



    Jasmine essential oil - 2%

    Pink Pepper essential oil - 2%



    Dried rose petals 



    450 ml


    Burn Time: 

    Up to 45 hours

  • Candles are for external use only and are harmful if consumed. Keep away from children, animals and aquatic life. Always place the candle on a hard, flat surface to ensure safety and never put the lid on the candle when it is burning. Trim the wick to around 1cm before lighting.