The Boss B*tch Candle is made with coconut and soy wax which is the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend for candles, all of our candles are handmade with the purest ingredients.


The colour orange was chosen to bring in confident and bold vibes! Orange is also associated with the sacral chakra and the intention with this colour was mainly to open and activate the sacral chakra, so you can align yourself with your creative potential, conscious connection with others and a constant supply of life force energy. All candles have appropriate reiki symbols placed on them to add power to the intention. The essential oils and herbs that have been used for this candle each have very specific spiritual properties that are as followed:


Tangerine essential oil – Tangerine oil has a classic citrus scent that is sweet, tangy, radiant and fresh. The aroma of tangerine oil can bring a sense of security to the practitioner, lifting the spirit and helping them embrace challenges with resilience, grace and enthusiasm. Tangerine oil is a potent oil that holds the spiritual properties of rebirth, creativity, abundance and success. This oil is especially powerful in regards to business success and it denotes advancement and a reimbursement is a very positive manner. Tangerine is a calming, uplifting and warm scent that can bring a sense of security to the user as well as helping relieve them of recurrent thought patterns that are preventing them from achieving ones goals.


Marigold – Marigold is the herb that is used to decorate this candle. Marigold is associated with the sun and is great for attracting and sustaining wealth as well as assisting with bringing is good luck, joy and success.


*All candles have details on how to use inside postage box*

Boss B*tch Intention Candle

  • Boss B*tch Intention Candle - 450ml. 





    80% coconut wax and 20% soy wax- the most eco-friendly and sustainable wax blend. 



    Frankincense essential oil - 3%

    Myrrh Essential oil - 2%



    Marigold (Calendula) 


    Burn Time: 

    Up to 45 hours