Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The 21 day clearing process is an energetic cleansing process that takes place after you have become attuned to reiki level one-shoden. The clearing process will balance, align and harmonise mind body and spirit whilst making you extremely aware of yourself. Below are my top tips for creating a perfect environment for the clearing to take place.

Take walks in nature:

Walking in nature will help you clear your mind and invoke a state of harmony during the clearing process. You can also hug a tree and walk barefoot to help ground yourself.


Meditation is reccomened to all students who complete the level one course as it helps you connect with your higher self and receieve any important guidance that wishes to come through. You can do this by performing tradtional meditation techniques such as Gassho, using guided meditations on youtube or any other meditation method that works for you.


It is highly reccomended to keep a journal whilst going through the clearing process as it is truly a transformative time that will begin to show you what is and isn't working for you. Keep a note of your feelings, thoughts, insights and any situations that are removed from your life. Journaling will help you gain a lot of knowledge into how reiki works for you.

Drink lots of water:

Drinking lots of water will help the clearing process as it helps flush any toxins from the body.

Eat fresh foods:

Your dietary wants may begin to change during the clearing process as your body will seek to implement any vital nutrients and vitamins that are needed in the body. Try to eat as many fruits and veggies as you can during this period as it will help raise your vibration and provide your body with what it needs to thrive. Keep a note of any cravings or desires for specific foods.

Create a sacred space:

Create a sacred space within your home that you can perform your self healing practice in. Decorate this space with things that are meaningful and bring forth feelings of joy and serenity. Dedicate this room as your 'reiki' room and ensure it is peaceful and undisturbed.


Develop a set of positive 'I am' affirmations that you can use throughout your day and whenever you are feeling triggered or low.

Be kind to yourself:

Take this opportunity as a time to be really loving and gentle with yourself. Pamper yourself and prioritize you during this period. Hug yourself whenever things get tough and become your own bestfriend. Do not judge yourself and remember you are doing the best you can at all times.

You can heal yourself! Blessed be beautiful soul.