Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Learning how to fine tune your visualisation abilities is really beneficial to all conscious creators, reiki practitioners and energy healers. When one visualises they use the minds eye (third eye) which is located slightly above the centre of the brow. Visualisition helps you connect and activate your creative mind and is a highly effective tool for manifestation.

The circle of blue and the golden door:

Place your focus slightly above the centre of your brow and imagine an indigo blue circle of energy forming. Then, imagine a golden door begining to appear through the circle of energy. Allow yourself to walk through this door, you look around and find yourself in a vast open space filled with many colours dancing around you. Once you enter this space everything changes, you are so much lighter than you have ever been and you feel as if you are floating instead of walking. You feel better than you have ever felt and you suddenly realise that anything you think about will instantly manifest here. You begin to think of something that you really desire and it manifests almost instantly. You begin to feel it, see it and become the person that has this desire. Stay in this place until you feel it is time to leave and repeat as many times necessary. When you decide to leave, you leave with the knowledge that you can access this place whenever you want to create your dreams into a reality.

Day dream:

Daydreaming is an easy and effective way to stimulate the creative mind and it can be done easily throughout the day.

Dream of something you wish to be, feel or have and really immerse yourself in the experience. Try to do this for at least 15 minutes per day.

Gaia's gift:

Imagine you are walking through a beautiful meadow that is filled with beautiful flowers and grand, tall trees. The sun is shining and you can feel the calming soft breeze caress your face as you begin to venture into this meadow. Are there any animals awaiting your presence? Any people? How do you feel?

Make a note of any animals, people or feelings that arise during this visualisation and practice every time you feel uncertain or need guidance.

Blessed be beautiful soul!