Updated: Sep 14, 2019

The five reiki precepts are a set of guidance principles that govern the practice of reiki. However, whether you practice reiki, have been attuned or not these precepts can help us all in many ways. The precepts are essentially five serenity provoking mantras, that if introduced into your daily life can have powerful effects on your well being and ability to thrive. The precepts ask you to rid yourself of the two main causes of illness and disease and invite consciousness, presence and awareness to take their place in your daily life.

| 1. Just for today I will not anger

We all have the ability to get angry for a very important reason, it gives us the chance to look inwards and reevaluate our core wants, needs and values. Anger is a normal emotion to feel and can be healthy if you use it to look at where you are not feeling secure in your life. If anger is left to fester it can lead to a very unhappy existence which can eventually manifest into dis-ease either within the body or in situations within our lives until it is resolved.

Being too quick to become angry is essentially a learned survival technique of an unbalanced root chakra. Symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra can be found below and the tips are suggestions for a solution.

Symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra include:

  • clinging to outside influences tightly for a sense of security

  • being too controlling

  • arrogance

  • being too quick to become angry

  • excessive anger

  • lack of confidence

  • inability to accomplish simple life goals

Tips for balancing root chakra:

  • Ground yourself daily by walking outside barefoot or envisioning roots coming out from the root chakra to the earth

  • Use the Bija chant- LAM

  • Take a walk when any of the symptoms arise

  • Meditate

  • Practice yoga to bring awareness and balance to mind, body and spirit

  • Book a reiki treatment

| 2. Just for today i will not worry

Stress, fear and worry can cause mental illness, fatigue and dis-ease in life.

Fear and worry are essentially survival techniques that help us to be alert and aware of our surroundings. However, problems arise when you magnify the fear and worry which can result in a viscous cycle of mental discomfort.

Stress is sadly very common in today's society and is often called ' the silent killer'. Stress happens when we have repeated demands placed upon the mind or body. Although a little stress is often beneficial, issues occur when we experience ongoing stress. Prolonged feelings of stress can lead to blockages throughout the energy system and can damage your work, relationships and home life.

Reiki is in fact a Japanese stress reduction and healing technique as it recognises the potential dangers of ongoing stress. A reiki treatment gives you the opportunity to totally relax and surrender all stress, fear and worry. Reiki energy helps bring you to a deep meditative state which can restore peace and balance to your mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, after the reiki session is where the real magic happens as it will seek to illuminate and remove the root cause of your stress, fear or worry.

| 3. Just for today i will be grateful

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions one can feel.

Being in a state of gratitude enables you to remain centred in the present moment and be grateful for all that you have right here, right now. Remembering to be grateful each day can really enhance your happiness and shifts your focus on the good things in your life, which in turn will enable you to attract more to be grateful for.

Complaining about what you don't have or what you should have done differently in the past is stopping you from living your life to fullest in the present moment.

Take time each day to give thanks for your blessings and feel gratitude for all the wonderful things you do have and you will begin to elevate your consciousness and see the world through loving eyes.

| 4. I will do my work honestly

Being honest with your endeavours and yourself will increase your power and align you with your truest path.

Lies and deception will only cause you disharmony, allow yourself to be honest with yourself and others.

| 5. I will be kind to every living thing

Kindness is highly underrated and has a wonderful ripple effect on this world. Just a simple smile from a stranger can make you feel connected and loved.

I believe kindness to others can only be achieved when you are kind to yourself, so if you are finding it difficult to be gentle with yourself or others, shift your focus onto where you, yourself need to experience more love and compassion. When we make the conscious decision to be kind to ourselves and all other living things, we begin to radiate love and harmony and expand our consciousness to a very high level.

We all make mistakes in life but once we reach this level of consciousness, we are truly on the way to a blissful existence.


Make a list of at least 5 things you you love about yourself each morning to invoke a loving outlook for yourself and consequently others.

Many blessings to you all!

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