The Energy Body

The energy body is a very real concept that not too many recognise and far too many neglect. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics scientists over the years have begun to offer evidence to suggest that everything truly is energy. It has been discovered that electrons, muons, tauons, quarks, and gluons have no internal structure and no physical size, meaning that they are entirely illusory or simply put, made up of energy.

Furthermore, the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics seems to imply that “reality” can only take place if some sort of measurement or observation takes place on the macro level of existence, which means that not only is everything energy, it responds to consciousness itself. Therefore it could be suggested that interpretation, perspective and intention have a big place to play in regards to our overall wellbeing. If everything is energy and it is affected by the observation of consciousness itself then our thoughts, emotions, relationships and diet will affect our energy body and health on all levels.

Just as we must maintain our physical health, it is just as important to maintain the health of our energy system.

Reiki looks to the cause of illness or disease from an energetic standpoint by looking at the individual from a holistic perspective and taking into account all of the energy they are carrying mentally, physically and emotionally. Reiki practitioners will either work with the chakra system, the three dantians or both depending on personal beliefs and practices.

The energy body provides a map of all that has ever happened to an individual and the reiki practitioner looks at specific energy points to determine which energy centre/centres are most effected and thus sends chi/life force energy to the recipient through their hands to bring healing, remove the blockage and restore vitality.

Energy Blockages


Energy blockages are made up of stagnant energy which is often the result of unresolved thoughts and emotions which essentially block the flow of life force/Qi/Chi to particular areas of the energy body. Harmful energy can also be absorbed through the auric field through others close to them, often this comes from 'ancestral wounds'. The concept of ancestral wounds are explained via the energy body as unhelpful, habitual thought patterns and emotions (energy) which are absorbed through the auric field by those we spend the most time with, these often will be passed down from generation to generation if left untreated and are difficult to locate and heal due to the energy being from another.

Underactive Chakras

When a chakra is underactive, it means that the chakra is experiencing a blockage or is not effectively distributing the flow of energy. Think of an underactive chakra like a water system in which a stone has been placed, preventing the necessary flow of energy needed which would remove the harmony and balance in the particular areas that the chakra point is associated with.

Overactive Chakras

When a chakra is overactive it means that it is attempting to over compensate for a lack of energy flowing through the particular chakra or another. Each chakra is interconnected and if one becomes blocked then that chakra or another/others may begin to compensate for that and occasionally will go into overdrive which we call an 'overactive chakra'. For example, if one experiences a lack of personal power or confidence then they may have a underactive blockage within their solar plexus chakra which could lead the heart to go into 'overdrive' and begin displaying overactive symptoms such as being overly empathetic or giving to others at their own expense to compensate for the individuals lack of confidence/sense of self internally.

The Chakra System

The most common system used to describe the energy body is the Hindu Chakra system. The Chakra system depicts seven main energy centres which act as portals that ones energy runs through and is held within. Each chakra point is responsible for various aspects of ones life and are all intrinsically linked, which means that if one energy centre is blocked then it will have an effect on the entire system. Below we will look at the chakra system and each energy centres purpose, responsibility and identify possible symptoms that may occur when an individual experiences blockages within their chakras.

Crown Chakra -

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is the entry point for human life force energy/Chi/Qi which is filtered throughout the entire energy system. This chakra connects one to a higher force, universal knowledge or God and this allows you to reach greater wisdom and understanding from this higher power. The crown chakra focuses on the spirit, with which we can attain our ultimate potential as spiritual beings.


Location: Top of the head

Bodily connections: Brain, pineal gland, the entire body

Balanced Qualities: When we the crown chakra is balanced we feel a connection to a higher power and a sense of being at one with the cosmos, liberated, inspired, energised, and feelings of ecstasy and pure bliss can also be experienced. If this chakra remains balanced for a significant amount of time through spiritual practice and awareness one can find enlightenment.

Underactive Qualities:

  • Being attached to material ideals and potentially obsessed with material needs

  • Feelings of greed, lack of inspiration, lack of mental clarity/brain fog

  • Depression, anxiety

  • Consistently feeling misunderstood/shame with a negative self image

  • Living in self-denial

  • Having a lack of tender thoughts towards oneself/others.

  • Feeling a sense of dis-connection from humanity and lacking trust of self/others/the universe

Overactive Qualities:

  • Feelings of being too flighty, feeling 'up in the clouds'

  • Finding it very difficult to relax

  • Living in a fantasy world and losing touch with reality

  • Victim mentality and the need for sympathy

  • Lacking healthy scepticism

  • Co-dependency within relationships

  • Being overly critical and judgemental of others

  • Feeling disassociation with your body

  • Feeling confused or overloaded

Third Eye Chakra -

The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows and is associated with indigo blue with hints of yellow. This chakra is responsible for connection with absolute clearness of mind in the use of intuition. There is potential to unlock and develop psychic abilities when this chakra is functioning at its optimum state. The third eye chakra is all about looking within and interpreting what is found there. It is responsible for the use of the imagination and intuition to expand and delve into all that is and essentially allows one to explore the depths of consciousness.


Location: Between the eyebrows

Bodily connections: Pituitary gland, eyes, face, sinuses

Balanced Qualities: Wisdom emanates from a person with a balanced and fully functioning third eye chakra and others love to learn from them. One can receive accurate and insightful realisations from their intuition and are able to effectively use their imagination to enhance their creativity. Individuals with a balanced third eye chakra will have a strong awareness of themselves and their environment and will be able to make decision with a sense of neutrality meaning that they are concerned yet not attached to any given outcome. One will be highly focused and able to make the distinction between reality and imagination.

Underactive Qualities:

  • To be overly rational and paying little heed to spiritual life

  • Having a little vision for ones life and feeling unable to plan for the future or set goals

  • Feeling narrow-minded

  • Unaware of psychic sensations and/or denial of psychic insights

  • Feeling overly unconcerned

  • Inability to discern meaning from signs

  • A lack of imagination

  • Experiencing poor vision (after distressing situations)

  • An inability to remember dreams

  • Consumed with worry and fear

  • Feelings of self doubt

  • Having superstitious fears

Overactive Qualities:

  • An inability to distinguish between reality and illusions/imagination.

  • May experience fear of the phantasmagorical visions passing through the minds eye. (However these are also common symptoms when the third eye chakra is opening and has little balance and support from the lower chakras, particularly the solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra).

  • Experiencing paranoia regularly

  • Obsessing over psychic experiences

  • Setting unrealistic goals

  • Experiencing frequent nightmares

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • An inability to complete mundane tasks

  • Constantly seeking insight and meaning into everything that occurs in ones life

Throat Chakra -

The throat chakra is located in the centre of ones neck (the throat) and is associated with the colour blue. This chakra is primarily concerned with communication and self-expression. This chakra allows us to speak the truth of what is happening within and consequently allows our creative selves to flourish.


Location: At the base of the throat

Bodily connections: The vocal chords and throat, neck and jaw, mouth and teeth.

Balanced Qualities: A clear voice and the ability to confidently speak ones truth are the main qualities of a balanced throat chakra. Being able to articulately and confidently communicate your wants, needs and emotions are also associated with a balanced throat chakra.

Underactive Qualities:

  • An inability to communicate ones wants, needs or personal truth

  • Fear of speaking ones truth due to fear of what others may say/think

  • Being afraid of offending others

  • Misunderstanding body language

  • Feeling talked at rather than to

  • Having a shy or weak voice

  • Being unable to share your ideas clearly and/or feeling frustrated in conversation

  • Having poor rhythm

  • Supressing your feelings

Overactive Qualities:

  • Not thinking things through and speaking without a filter

  • Being the worst critic of self and others

  • Manipulation and frequent dishonesty

  • Having too many thoughts

  • Talking too much or excessively

  • Acting pompous or arrogant

  • Not listening to others

  • Stuttering while speaking

  • Gossiping frequently

  • Interrupting others often

  • Not paying attention to the feelings of others/ not being able to interpret body language correctly

Heart Chakra -

The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and is associated with the colour green or light pink. This chakra relates to love, empathy, affection, joy and healing. It is the source of deep and profound truths that are expressed through emotional insight. The heart chakra also assists in making decisions based on ones higher self and not from the unfulfilled desires of lower nature - to follow ones heart. This chakra connects the lower and upper chakras and acts as a bridge between earthly matters and higher aspirations and encourages one to develop and understand emotional intelligence. This chakra is also responsible for your ability to grieve, forgive and accept.


Location: Centre of chest

Bodily connections: Heart, lungs, blood, circulation rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, oesophagus, shoulders, arms, hands

Balanced Qualities:

A balanced heart chakra would look like- having the ability to give love/compassion/kindness to self and others. Having balanced and harmonious emotions as well as emotional intelligence and an understanding of the importance of emotions.

Being able to express ones self creatively and follow ones passions. To have a deep sense of connection to all that is and a love for life.

Underactive Qualities:

  • Feeling timid and fearful of being hurt

  • Feeling distrustful of others and relationships

  • Feeling lonely, unloved and unwanted

  • Feeling overly suspicious and or jealous or envious of others/partners

  • Unwilling to interact with others and a desire to be alone often

  • Practicing poor self care

  • Being abusive to friends or partners

  • Testing others to prove their love

Overactive Qualities:

  • Being overly empathetic

  • Being overly concerned with others needs rather than your own

  • Experiencing jealousy and envy of other people and their relationships

  • Craving social interaction constantly and finding it difficult to be alone

  • Sacrificing self for others

  • Tending to stay in abusive relationships

  • Falling in love quickly and frequently

  • Being too trusting without discernment

  • Behaving in a clingy, smothering or overbearing way within relationships

  • Over indulging in self-care

  • Having strong and unhealthy attachments to others and experiencing co-dependency

  • Seeking happiness outside of oneself

Solar Plexus Chakra -

The solar plexus chakra is located above the navel and goes up towards the breast bone. This chakra is often called "our inner sun" and the colour association is yellow. This chakra governs the ego, personality, personal truth/power, choice and authenticity. In short, the solar plexus is related to self-reliance, self-esteem, sense of personal power, wisdom and the ability to create harmonious relationships with others. When an individual has a balanced solar plexus they will be able to trust their intuition without hesitation and they will not require validation from external forces regarding their personal choices whether small or big. Strong boundaries, self expression, the ability to realise ones dreams/desires and trust in self are also balanced qualities of the solar plexus chakra.


Location: Above the navel and up to the breast bone

Bodily connections: Liver, central nervous system, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, adrenal glands, skin

Balanced Qualities: When the solar plexus is functioning in a balanced state one will have the ability to take action on the things they desire and have a healthy level of confidence about oneself and abilities. A healthy solar plexus will also allow one to set boundaries, have a sense of control over thoughts and emotional responses as well as having a sense of peace about self.

Underactive Qualities:

  • Low self-worth/self esteem

  • Trusting others more than yourself

  • Being weak willed

  • Unable to stand up for yourself

  • Lacking confidence in ones abilities

  • Having a victim mentality

  • Experiencing slow digestion/digestive issues

  • Giving more of yourself than you can

  • Often feeling sluggish or low in energy

  • Attraction to stimulants

  • Unable to take responsibility/be responsible

  • Lack of trust in self

  • Feeling unreliable

Overactive Qualities:

  • Being bossy or controlling of others

  • Being overly aggressive or bullying others

  • Feeling power hungry

  • Feeling hyperactive and unable to relax the mind

  • Attracted to sedatives

  • Acting recklessly without fear

  • Experiencing fast digestion

  • Taking on too much responsibility

  • Feeling the need to be right

  • Manipulating and bringing others down

  • Feeling no trust in others

Sacral Chakra -

The sacral chakra is located roughly two inches below the navel and two inches in. The colour association is orange. The sacral chakra is primarily associated with sexuality, creativity, relationships and our emotional body. This chakra allows us to explore and build our relationships, sensual pleasures, creative pursuits and passions.


Location: Below the navel, roughly two inches below and two inches in.

Bodily connections: Sexual organs, kidney, bladder, hips

Balanced Qualities: An individual with a balanced sacral chakra would exude confidence, generosity, warmth and the ability to be creative. A healthy and balanced sacral chakra allows individuals to be playful, build mutually beneficial relationships and feel connected to self, the earth and the collective consciousness.

Underactive Qualities:

  • Depriving self of pleasure

  • Feeling numb or unemotional

  • Having a constant creative block

  • Experiencing sexual repression

  • Feeling guarded

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Experiencing poor social skills

  • Staying in harmful relationships

  • Having poor self-worth and self-esteem

  • Feeling shy or timid

  • Feeling afraid of judgement from others for your creativity

  • Feeling a lack of desire or passion

  • Prone to addiction

Overactive Qualities:

  • Having an excessive sex drive

  • Being sexually promiscuous to your own detriment

  • Having frequent mood swings

  • Experiencing illness in the sexual organs

  • Experiencing frequent lower back pain

  • Having emotional dependency

  • Feeling tense or frustrated

  • Experiencing sexual addiction

  • Feeling overly emotional

  • Experiencing compulsive behaviours

  • Feeling overly ambitious

  • Being addicted to exercise

Root Chakra -

The root chakra is based at the bottom of the spine and the colour association is red. The root chakra deals with our sense of safety, security and connection to our bodies, others and earth. When we we think of grounding, this is the chakra that would be activated during that process and it supports the maintenance of the higher chakras. A balanced and thriving root chakra is the foundation for vitality within the other higher chakras .


Location: Base of the spine.

Bodily connections: The first three vertebrae , rectum, legs, arms, circulatory system, adrenal glands, colon.

Balanced Qualities:

A balanced root chakra allows individuals to feel grounded, connected, secure and at peace with themselves and the world. One who has a balanced root chakra will have the ability to manifest stability and financial security.

Underactive Qualities:

  • Feeling distant from family/feeling alone

  • Being a homebody due to sadness

  • Neglecting yourself

  • Weighing less than normal

  • Having financial difficulty often with thoughts and feelings of lack

  • Having difficulty with living arrangements often

  • Feeling unsafe often

  • Feeling undeserving of comfort, wealth and abundance

  • Having chronic mental disorganisation

  • Feeling extremely lethargic and depressed

  • Living in survival mode

Overactive Qualities:

  • Feeling anxious often

  • Feeling nervous and/or worrying often

  • Feeling paranoid often

  • Craving unhealthy, comfort foods

  • Over eating frequently

  • Hoarding

  • Questioning life, love and career

  • Fixating on material possessions

  • Needing to exercise more than usual

Chakra Affirmations: