Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Forgiveness - the solution to all your problems and the most effective way to release yourself from the past.

The most healing and nourishing act that anyone can learn to do is offer forgiveness to yourself, situations and others who have wronged you in the past. Forgiveness does not mean that you accept the way you were treated, nor does it grant permission for that act to be done again. In fact it actually gives you the space needed to reflect and identify what this situation made you feel, encourages you to implement stronger boundaries and signals that you are ready to release these destructive thoughts and emotions from your energy system rather than harbouring the pain and becoming bitter and jaded.

Forgiveness does not change what happened but what forgiveness most certainly does achieve is that it removes the poison. It is much like an immediate antidote to a snakebite. Once properly administered, you are instantly cured from self-sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and destructive emotions. It allows you to free yourself and unveils the gift this situation brought you, no matter how heavily veiled the scenario may be. If you chose love over fear in any situation you will be victorious and peaceful.

Learning to forgive others can be difficult but slightly easier to achieve if you are naturally empathetic and understanding, however learning to forgive ourselves can be the most challenging task of all. Although forgiving seems like a relatively easy task, actually putting this into action can be hard to achieve when we have recently been betrayed, or hurt. This is where we must seek to implement acceptance, trust and awareness. We are all humans doing the best we can and we must remain trusting of ourselves, others and life in general. We must seek to understand our thoughts and emotions and focus on a solution rather than the problem. After all each situation brings us a gift and lesson and we can choose to focus on finding these jewels or we can remain poisoned and full of anger.

How to forgive:

Write about the situation you are seeking to forgive. Write about how it made you feel, be mindful of the thoughts that arise and make a note of them all. Really dig deep into this situation and uncover all the thoughts and feelings surrounding it. Then, connect with your heart centre by placing your hands on your chest and invite forgiveness to flow to and through your heart. Fill the situation with love for all involved and feel, sense and imagine the situation transforming into one of unconditional love, acceptance and peace. Next, ask to receive the lesson or gift that this situation taught you, sit with this until you receive at least one positive aspect that came from this scenario (even if it is only the gift of forgiveness). Lastly, Affirm aloud: I am ready to forgive __________ and i release all pain that this caused me.

Please remember that forgiveness and healing takes time and this is why practising forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love is essential. When we add the ability to readily forgive into our toolbox we have reached an incredibly evolved state of being.

Many blessings beautiful souls!