Sex is creative energy in its finest form. Sex creates and destroys. Sexual energy is power.

This article will illustrate how to conduct spells using sex and orgasms and how to manifest anything you desire using sex magic.

How do you use sex and orgasms as a tool to manifest?

Sex is a powerful creative force which embodies the process to any manifestation. You begin the process, enjoy the process and then reach climax. This is the journey to any tangible manifestation and as sex incorporates all the stages of manifestation in a very intimate way you are able to use sex as a reliable manifestation technique. When you have sex you are actually working with and activating the energy contained in your sacral chakra and this is connected to creativity. You can perform sexual magic as a technique for manifestation alone or with a partner.

When should i perform sexual magic?

Sexual magic rituals can be performed at any time, however if used when the moon is waxing or particularly under a full moon the intention will have far greater potency.

How do i conduct sexual magic alone?

Firstly you must light a candle (the colour can be connected to your desire or white) and inscribe the candle with your desire then focus on your desire and really immerse your senses in the experience. Use taste, scents, feelings, thoughts and visualise your desired result. You can even write down your intentions for your manifestations if you wish.

Then, if you are female i suggest using a dildo to complete this spell (crystal if possible) as this will act as the tangible masculine yang force which penetrates the female yin aspect of yourself. If you are male you can simple use your hand.

Once the candle is lit you can dim the lights and choose a song or a piece of music which invokes a particular feeling or thought pattern that resonates with your intention.

Finally, begin to masturbate and allow yourself to visualise and focus on your desired result. Once you reach climax continue to visualise your intention and feel the rush of pleasure and joy the orgasm brings. You have completed your sex magic ritual, continue to use this tool as many times as you wish. Sexual magic performed alone is for a personal desire.

How do i conduct sexual magic with a partner?

Sexual magic performed with a partner can heighten the experience and double the power of the spell. However, it is extremely important that both partners are extremely clear on their desired result to prevent different outcomes. Therefore, when conducting sexual magic with a partner it is highly recommended that you spend a lot longer preparing and aligning the energy of your intention prior to the performance. You must be clear and concise and have the same visuals of what you wish to manifest.

Firstly, write down what you wish to manifest and spend time building the energy of which you desire to manifest in terms or thoughts, feelings and visuals. You must have the same energy attached to your desire for it to work. You may wish to spend up to a week preparing the energy for the ritual. Open and honest communication is of the upmost importance.

Secondly, each light an inscribed candle (the colour can be related to your desire or white) and both begin the visualise your desired result. You may wish to play music which stimulates the energy desired.

Then, build the sexual energy in the form of foreplay, caress and intimate touch. When you begin to have sex you need to both have your intended desire in your minds eye and you may wish to vocally express it (perhaps in terms of the emotions and thoughts). Don't think too much about it simply enjoy the process but have the energy of your desire very much present in the union.

Finally, when you reach climax allow the visualisations of your intention to permeate your being and associate it with the feelings the orgasm. Then relax and surrender and allow your manifestation to unfold!

Sex magic is fun, potent and highly pleasurable which emulates the feelings of any desired manifestation!

Many blessings to you all!