The term raising your vibration means to raise ones energy levels to higher states of being and consciousness. When you are in higher states of being you feel great, you activate your bodies own healing powers and are able to release resistance to your desires because you are penetrating your mind, body and spirit with a stream of energy which you are vibrating at. This allows for you to attract more of that energy into your life as you are experiencing and allowing this high vibrational energy to permeate your being and change your 'energetic blue print'.

Quantum physics and mechanics teaches us that everything is energy and this is due to the scientific research that proves that which ancient cultures have known all along-that energy penetrates matter.


Atoms are not solid, in fact, they have three different subatomic particles inside them: protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons are packed together into the centre of the atom, while the electrons spin around the outside. The electrons move so quickly that we never know exactly where they are from one moment to the next. The atoms that form objects and substances that we call solid are actually made up of 99.999999999999% space which is penetrated with surrounding energy. Max Planck was the first to prove, in 1911, that the empty space between the planets and the atoms is indeed overflowing with energy, which he called zero-point energy (although there are thousands of names for this energy including- life force energy). Therefore, If the so-called solid particles of an atom take up 0.000000000001 percent of its volume, and the remaining space is filled with zero-point energy, we could say that matter is totally penetrated with energy.

Everything is energy and connected to everything else

According to quantum physics, developed in the early twentieth century, there are no “particles” per se: Energy is the basis of material reality. Every type of particle is conceived of as a quantum vibration in a field: Electrons are vibrations in electron fields, protons vibrate in a proton field, and so on. Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else through fields.

If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.

-Neils Bohr

Releasing suppressed emotions

Releasing suppressed emotions or emotions that are self sabotaging and detrimental to our overall well-being is extremely important and serves a very valuable role in your life, as it allows your state of consciousness to raise and ultimately increase health, peace and vitality within your life. Traditional Chinese Medicine speaks about emotions being stored or 'felt' within specific parts of the body, therefore if you are harbouring suppressed emotions which are detrimental to your being you will most likely be operating on low level emotional planes and could experience disease or illness within the affected areas of the body.


In reiki we channel pure life force energy into the recipient to replace low-vibrational emotions within the mind, body and spirit so that you can return back to your natural state of harmony. This healing process will take place immediately after treatment but the amount of time it takes to reach full healing depends on how long you have been harbouring detrimental emotions and thought patterns. Big or small life changes will often take place when receiving reiki treatments as your energy will now become a match to experiences that are on a higher level of consciousness. Reiki literally changes your energetic blue print, expands your awareness and consequently will guide you towards acceptance of the past, a harmonious present and a balanced future. Therefore, reiki really is one of the most effective, innovative and revolutionary healing techniques there is.

The Hawkins Scale

The Hawkins Scale is a simple tool to help you measure where your vibration is predominately located. It is natural for humans to fluctuate between different states and it is healthy to do so, however problems arise when we have suppressed emotions that are on the lower end of the scale or when we find we are mainly vibrating at the lower end of the scale. Thus, if you desire to raise to the higher states of being you will benefit from choosing thoughts and experiences that match that which you want to feel.

Dr. Hawkins Discovery

What Dr. Hawkins discovered was that there is a critical point (when we reach 200 on his scale) where everything that calibrates below this point makes the body go weak and represents as the absence of “truth”. Everything above 200, makes the body go strong and represents the presence of truth, and Dr. Hawkins says that some people can resonate more often above this point most of the time, while some others resonate below this point more often. So it is about the overall resonance. But according to Dr. Hawkins, having a frequency of 500 or above is of pure unconditional love, and it is in this state that we are in complete harmony with our body and our environment.

Many blessings to you all!


Everything is Energy, Everything is One, Everything is Possible


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