Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic make-up. Numbers are the language of the universe and they each hold a specific meaning depending on the specific digit and how many times they appear. For centuries mathematicians, scientists, mystics and astrologers have sought the meaning of numbers and they have helped us discover certain number patterns that seem to have a grand presence on the earth.

The natural world offers us insight into the large presence of specific number patterns such as the presence of the numerical symmetry known as the Fibonacci sequence, which is a sequence where each number is determined by adding together the two numbers that preceded it. For example: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 24, 55, and so forth. Many plants produce leaves, petals and seeds in the Fibonacci sequence.

Cultures such as that of Ancient Egypt is still a mystery due to their advanced knowledge especially in relationship to numbers and the important codes that were embedded within the building of impressive monuments such as The Great Pyramid. The great pyramid is

orientated to true north, with the precision of three sixtieths of one single degree.

The average space between each block is 0.5mm, It's height (481ft) x 43,200 = the Polar radius of our planet (in ft). Measuring the base perimeter and x 43,200 will give you the circumference of our planet (in ft).

When people experience a spiritual awakening they will often experience seeing certain number patterns over a long period of time and when you become more spiritually aware you will often begin to see different number sequences at particular times in your life and you will be able to decipher the specific meaning of the number code in relation to your reality.

Below I have channelled the prophetic meaning of individual numbers and number sequences to give you insight into the message the universe is trying to send you.

Prophetic Number Meanings


Zero is representative or the primordial void,the womb, the realm of potential. Zero is a circle which symbolises totality it is nothing and everything, the beginning and the end. Zero is also said to represent the spirit of God hence the meaning of totality and unity. Zeros can also be used to enhance the meaning of any number before it.

If zero appears on your path it is a reminder that you are on the right path.


One is representative of the start of something, it is singular and therefore represents independence and leadership as well as positivity, ambition and new beginnings. One's also symbolise a green light from the universe and ask you to remain positive and manifest your desires at this time.


Two is considered to mean harmony, balance, consideration and love. Two's also serve as a reminder of the importance of co-operation and receptivity in your life. Two can also be reminding you to co-create with spirit by taking action, setting your intentions and then surrendering the outcome.


Three carries the energy of creativity, communication, growth, inspiration, manifestation, imagination, kindness, psychic ability and has strong connections with the divine/spirit. Three is a reminder of our creative potential and natural divinity.


Four is the number of 'being' it is the number that connects the mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organisation. Four also embodies the qualities of stability, solid foundations and possessing the necessary values and beliefs to achieve your goals.


Five is the number of change, faith, grace and balance between the material and spiritual aspects of your life. Fives offer the energy associated with God's grace and kindness and asks that you do the inner work to achieve the changes you want to seek as well as reminding you that trust and faith are necessary components when experiencing change.


Six is the number associated with family, home, harmony, healing and nurturing. Six holds a strong energy of kindness and mothering energy. Six reminds us that it is important to place value on our domestic and spiritual lives and that success in these areas are the foundation for happiness and success in material matters.


Seven is a highly spiritual number that is connected to intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom and a deep inner knowing. Seven is also associated with completion and perfection both in the physical and spiritual realms.


Eight is shaped like the infinity symbol which represents what we give out we get back therefore it speaks about balancing the material and spiritual aspects of our lives so we can achieve abundance in mind, body and spirit. Eight also represents material harvest, prosperity and abundance.


Nine is the number of completion and spiritual awakening, awareness of your spiritual gifts and enlightenment. Nine is also a symbol of protection from the universe as well as an invitation to invite the spirit realms into your life at this time as they can help you make choices for the highest good of all involved.

Number Sequence Meanings


The number sequence 000 represents new beginnings, fresh starts and pure potential. If you have been contemplating making a change then the spirit realms are assuring you that now is the best time to make these changes.


The number sequence 111 represents individuality, self sufficiency and asking for your desires to be met. 111 will often make an appearance in your life when you are at the start of a new venture or when you are experiencing contrasting circumstances to that which you desire so you can fine tune what it is you truly want to bring into your life. Patience and persistence are also the message of 111.


The number sequence 222 represents internal harmony (masculinity and femininity) especially between the two sides of the brain (logic and creativity) and co-creation with others and the spiritual realms. 222 often makes an appearance when you need to be more mindful of your thought patterns as they are quickly shaping your reality. You are encouraged to learn to shift your focus to that which you desire and release attention to the past or that which is hindering your progress. 222 is also a message of having confidence and faith in ones abilities and to be courageous when it comes to going after what you want. Trust that you are being guided by the spiritual realms when 222 makes an appearance.


The number sequence 333 represents manifestation and growth. When 333 makes an appearance you are on track to manifesting your desires and you are in alignment with your higher self. The mental, physical and spiritual aspects of you are aligning with your purpose here on earth and your souls light is shining brightly. 333 asks you to maintain a positive outlook for your future as there are forces working behind the scenes to help you create the life you so richly deserve. Be open to receiving the love of the universe and have faith in the timing of the universe.


The number sequence 444 represents stability and presence. When 444 shows up in your life you are being congratulated for the physical and spiritual work you have put into all aspects of your life because you have created a solid foundation for success. Continue to tend to your foundation and allow your harvest to unfold in perfect timing. 444 also brings the message that you are at the right place at the right time so do not worry.


The number sequence 555 represents change and flexibility. 555 reminds us that the only thing constant in this world is change and you should welcome change with open arms because the changes that are taking place serve your evolution. 555 also brings the message that you have put in the work needed to manifest better in your life. The changes that are about to take place will bring better than you have previously experienced.


The number sequence 666 represents mindfulness and spiritual awareness. When you are seeing 666 you are being asked to look at the bigger picture and practice gratitude for where you currently are because you are taking the necessary steps to bring your ultimate desire to fruition. 666 is a reminder that it is not the destination that is most important but the journey,


The number sequence 777 represents divine presence and answered prayers. Seeing 777 is confirmation that your prayers and intentions will be answered and they are aligned with your higher purpose. Know that you are on the path to achieving success in your endeavours when you see 777.


The number sequence 888 represents abundance and receiving success in the material realm. 888 brings the message that the work you are doing is bringing in a material harvest that will allow you freedom and well deserved rest.


The number sequence 999 represents endings that are taking place within an aspect of your life. 999 asks that you maintain faith in the universe while this ending takes place because everything is happening for the highest good of all involved. 999 also asks you to be prepared for new beginnings that will bring you more happiness and joy.


The number sequence 1010 represents a completion of a major cycle in your life and tells you that a new major cycle is about to begin. When 1010 appears you are encouraged to contemplate the past and to release all that no longer serves you and to only take the lessons this cycle has brought you as you will need the wisdom gained in your new cycle.


The number sequence 1111 represents a gateway to a new dimension. 1111 is the number of spiritual awakening and a new way of seeing the world. When 1111 appears know that you are ascending to higher vibrational realms and will experience a paradigm shift that will lead you deeper into the spiritual truths of the universe and consequently illuminate the truth of your existence.


The number sequence 1212 represents expressing your individuality and co-creating with the universe. 1212 brings the message that it is time to express your spiritual truths and to trust that you are most powerful when you live in your truth and when you do so you are helping the collective to express their spiritual truths as well. When 1212 appears it is also a reminder to set your intentions from a place of love and not ego and you will find your desires manifest rapidly.


The number sequence 1313 represents protection, awareness and guidance from the spiritual realms. 1313 makes an appearance in your life when you need help maintaining a spiritual perspective on your current circumstances. 1313 also brings the message that the spiritual realms are aware of your desires and they are encouraging you to communicate your needs and to maintain faith in the abundance of the universe and your own ability to manifest your desires into reality. 1313 also serves as a reminder that you are protected and the spiritual realms are guiding you through confusion to clarity.


The number sequence 1414 represents wish fulfilment, manifestation and awareness of your thoughts. 1414 brings the message to aware of the energy you sending out into the universe because that is what you will receive back. 1414 is also confirmation that your wishes will soon manifest and you will begin to see evidence of this fact imminently.


The number sequence 1515 represents fulfilling your purpose and changes taking place that are aligning you with your higher self. 1515 brings the message that you are manifesting the necessary changes to fulfil your purpose here on earth. 1515 can also appear in your life to remind you that you are divinely protected and you should connect with the spiritual realms to help you navigate your way through difficulties.


The number 1616 represents relationships and self love. 1616 comes into your life to remind you that internal harmony is manifesting in your life and this will attract a new relationship with yourself and relationships with others will reach deeper levels of connection. 1616 also appears when a new relationship is about to be formed within your life.


The number sequence 1717 represents manifestation and alignment with the universe. When 1717 appears in your life you are being reminded that you are manifesting your desires and these manifestations are in alignment with the highest good for all involved.


The number sequence 1818 represents self sufficiency, abundance and karma. 1818 often appears in ones life when they are about to reap the rewards of their previous good deeds. 1818 brings the message that you have all you need to create the life you desire as well as making you aware of new talents that you may not have been previously aware of.


The number sequence 1919 represents endings and desire for more in your life. 1919 can make an appearance in your life to let you know that you are manifesting the end of a painful cycle and to follow your own rhythm. 1919 may also appear when you are feeling stuck in a situation that you see no way out of, know that the divine is working on a plan to free you from your current challenges.


The number sequence 2020 represents achieving your life goals and unity within and with another. 2020 brings the message that you should learn to trust your intuition more as you know exactly what to do to achieve your life desires. 2020 also brings the message that to attract true love you must first inhibit unconditional love for yourself. 2020 may also appear before meeting your life time partner or before undertaking a project that will help you fulfil your lifetime desires.


The number sequence represents spiritual blessings and good luck. 2121 will often appear to remind you that the universe wants you succeed and that you deserve the best that life has to offer. 2121 can signal a divine blessing is about to enter your life as well as signalling the arrival of a period of good luck and fortune.


The number sequence 2222 represents peace, harmony and manifesting 'better' into your life. 2222 will often appear during the end of a difficult period in your life and is letting you know that greater things are making there way into your reality now. 2222 comes to remind us to keep our focus on the end goal and to develop harmony and peace within to allow for a blissful life.


The number sequence 2323 represents manifestation, joy and collaboration. 2323 will often appear in your life when you are feeling joyful and are emitting a high vibrational frequency which is rapidly manifesting your desires into reality. 2323 may also appear to remind you that collaborating with others who love and support your success is powerful as it adds more momentum to your desires and is an important part of the human experience.

Many blessings to you all!