Updated: Dec 21, 2019

It was the summer of 2018 that I first started to learn reiki. I had been trying to heal myself and remove all my shame, anger and sorrow for many years prior to no avail. I was still grieving the traumatic death of my father from when i was three years old and I was constantly seeking love outside of me. I had experienced sexual abuse, betrayed by family and friends and made homeless. I had no sense of self worth. I was in and out of a highly toxic, violent and abusive relationship which was draining my energy and gnawing away at my spirit and soul. I kept a brave face and remained as strong as i could but I was looping in and out of depression, codependency and addiction. I was suicidal, felt so alone and had a weak support system. I didn't trust anyone and I was spiralling into an apparent generational pattern of self destruction and chaos. I was submerged in pain trying desperately to escape a reality i knew I could no longer partake in. I was broken. I was lost.

I began meditating, praying and connecting with nature. I needed to find even the smallest glimmer of hope in this world that could carry me through this pain. I began reading tarot and regaining my connection to spirit. This helped my intuition grow stronger and reminded me that all through my early childhood I had a strong connection to the spirit realms and I would occasionally see the deceased. Growing up I would speak to my father and had many 'imaginary' friends that would play with me and send me loving and encouraging messages. I started to visualise an idyllic reality and immerse myself in my 'fantasy' world. I started to receive messages from spirit again and have dreams that would come true, the truth was seeping through the cracks of my soul. Things began to shift. I became more optimistic and learnt about the law of attraction and the concept and power of energy, however I was still carrying a lot of pain and masking it through addiction.

I was then called to visit a very wise witch with long silver hair and a warm embrace who was reading tarot cards at a country fayre. She began by reminding me of a particular spirit that I had seen as a child and told me it was my grandfather, this sent shivers down my spine as it took me straight back to the moment I saw him and I knew he was protecting me and why I had been called here. Tears of gratitude began to flow. She proceeded to tell me that i had a gift which was the ability to heal others through my hands and this had been passed down from my grandmother. She told me that i would begin using this gift and I would do so through the practice of Reiki.

I continued studying the spirit world, tarot, magic, the mind and the energy body for around eighteen months and then I decided I was ready to learn reiki. It was early June in 2018 that I found the master i wanted to work with. She had trained with English masters and the monks in Nepal and I knew she had the scope of knowledge I sought. I received my attunement to level one reiki in July 2018 and what followed was truly remarkable. I began to heal, truly heal. I began to see, really see.

All that was holding me back was held up to the light and made visible, veils were lifted and truth held a constant presence. I began to feel the energy inside and around me so deeply. I could see the lies and suffering all around me and how my pain and energetic blockages from my past experiences had created the reality I was living. I felt alive! I was overflowing with confidence and I knew this was my ticket out of the solemn existence I had been living for far too long. However there was work to be done and endings on the horizon. It takes dedication and commitment to truly heal yourself and some pretty uncomfortable replays of the past but reiki gave me the courage needed to see it through to the end.

I progressed to reiki level two and finally master level in December 2018. My life was turned upside down and inside out. All that was lingering in my energy field from either my own or others pain was brought to the surface so I could become conscious of it and all suffering was removed so gently and swiftly. It gave me exactly what i needed at the right time and invoked a major rebirth several times. I am now aware and present and I let go of my grip on the past. I learnt to trust myself and others again as beautiful like-minded souls were implemented into my existence and I discovered who I was underneath it all. I began transmuting all my pain and suffering into strength, courage and self love. I learnt to be gentle with myself and honour my power and existence. I learnt that holding space for others to heal also helped me heal further and it helped me see that I was not alone.

I also learnt to see all things from a higher, loving perspective and began understanding how powerful my internal reality really is. Once I began healing and shifting my internal reality my exterior reality began healing and shifting too. My focus is now strong and a genuine smile rests upon my face.

The practice of reiki gave me a manual for my mind, body, spirit and soul.

I now dedicate my life to helping others achieve the balance, peace and enlightenment I have found from the practice of reiki and I hope everyone can experience the strength, courage and joy it brings into ones life.

- Danielle Millis