The human body is mainly made up of water and the average female will have a water mass of around 45- 60% whereas men will have a water percentage of 50-65%. The amount of water your body holds will depend on various factors such as gender (females have more tissue than men), weight and water consumption. Water helps to maintain healthy and functioning vital organs such as the heart and lungs as well as providing strong bones and clear, glowing skin. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy body it is vital that you consume around 2-4 litres of water per day.

The water experiment

Dr. Masaru Emoto who is of Japanese decent and a doctor of alternative medicine conducted several experiments on the effects that words, emotions, music and pictures have on water molecules. Emoto's experiments consisted of exposing glasses of water to opposing conditions and then freezing the water and studying the molecules under a microscope. The conditions would consist of prayers, kind words and classical music as well as exposing the water to heavy metal music, harsh words and emotions such as anger, hatred and sadness.

Emoto discovered that the water molecules which were exposed to the more 'positive' conditions would look far more pleasing and symmetrical as opposed to fractured and distorted crystalline structures which were formed when the water was exposed to the 'negative' conditions.

Although this experiment is not accredited by scientists due to the lack of controlled conditions within the experiment, It is believed that Emoto has made incredible progress in regards to the effects our intention has on the molecules of water and consequently our bodies.

Manifesting with water

Intention is everything in this universe and when you consume anything you are taking in the energy of that particular food or beverage. Due to the amount of water we now know that we are made up of, it makes sense to think that we can use water in a far more productive way. If you begin to speak positive and uplifting intention into your water than you will not only begin to believe that you are filling your body and energetic body with all those positive intentions but you are also potentially allowing yourself to attract more of the same intentions by emitting the energy of your positive intention.

How to manifest with water

To manifest with water you can simply begin by making sure that each time you have a glass of water you speak positive and uplifting intentions into the glass before drinking it. This process allows you to activate the law of attraction in a whole new and powerful way as you literally fill your body up with your intentions and desires.

The intentions that you decide to use will change depending on that which you seek to bring into your life at the particular time. For instance you may be seeking a healthier body, a more peaceful mind or feelings of gratitude or abundance. This practice helps you to retrain your subconscious mind by thinking that your body is filling up with these particular emotions or circumstances as well as knowing that the water alone is great for your mind, body and spirit. It is simple and effective and great habit to get into as it encourages you to drink more water and manifest whilst doing it!

Furthermore, if you are attuned to reiki level two you can combine your intention and the symbols over your glass of water and even food to create quick and lasting results!

Examples of positive intentions to say over your glass of water:

'Health, happiness and peace'

'Abundance, joy, clarity'

'Love, wisdom, gratitude'

The two cup method

The two cup method is a great way to manifest with water if you want to switch into another dimension which enables you to live the reality that you desire!

1.Firstly you begin by getting two glasses of water, one which is filled with water and another that is empty.

2. Then, you get two pieces of paper and write down 'current situation' on one and 'desired situation' on the other and you can write a few words that describe your current situation underneath this label and then a few words that describe your desired situation underneath that label. The filled cup will be your 'current situation' and the empty cup your 'desired situation' cup.

3. Then, you become very present with the words used to describe your current situation and your immerse yourself in your current feelings and thoughts about your reality. Then do the same with your 'desired situation' and really immerse yourself in the feelings and sensations that arise when feeling the words you have used to describe your desired reality.

4. When you feel completely immersed in the feelings and sensations that your desired reality brings you want to take the glass of water which is filled ( current situation) and pour it into the empty glass ( desired situation) and you want to do this slowly as you want to listen to and experience your new reality being brought to life with the water. Imagine this part of the process as 'filling up the cup of your desire'. Imagine each droplet of water bringing your desired reality into fruition. Do this process until the empty cup is full and the full cup is empty.

5. Finally, when you have your 'desired situation' cup full you want to drink it all, in one sitting if possible and imagine that when you drink this water you are jumping into the dimension that has the reality you have just manifested!

6. Allow yourself to bask in the knowing that your desired outcome is now yours and engage all the senses. Then, go and frolic in the dimension you just jumped into!

I hope you enjoy manifesting with water and becoming a literal magnet to all that you desire!