Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Healing yourself can be difficult, i have found that this is mainly because most people identify so deeply with their traumas and emotional wounds. Most people do not know who they are without constant pain and suffering.

However we must remember that change happens everyday and it is constant. Therefore, we must try to allow our inner and outer world to flow, to simply be and know that change is constantly in motion and inevitable.

You can and you will become the greatest version of yourself. You will achieve great harmony when you accept the calling of change for your greatest good.

You are stronger than you know and sometimes life will put you through some apparent harsh tests but without challenge and contrast in our realities we could not overcome outdated thought patterns or grow into the being we need to be to complete our next challenge.

It is during times of tribulation that you must take care of yourself as best as possible as you are the captain of your own ship and you need to be on top form to weather the storm of the great ocean. The element of water represents the emotions in astrology. When one decides to heal themselves you will more often than not discover emotions and emotional wounds that appear deeper, darker and scarier than the deepest depths of the ocean. Do not fear your ocean.

Imagine yourself like a great scuba diver of the ocean. Your life has prepared you for this great dive all your life. Although now you are being asked to dive alone, at night. You have to ensure you have the best equipment and 'tool kit' to see you through. The tools i suggest packing during a dark night of the soul or 'diving mission of the night' consist of nothing more than your natural talents and abilities:

1. A positive, determined mindset

2. The ability to meditate/quiet the mind

3. The ability to let go

4. The ability to focus on your desired intention

5. The ability to ask for and fight for what you deserve

6. Trusting your intuition

7. The ability to be the hunter and not the hunted

8. The ability to communicate your emotions and needs

You have all the resources listed above, whether you know it yet or not.

May all beings be blessed with the power and courage it takes to heal self.


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