Updated: Jan 22, 2020

What is an addiction?

An addiction is a habit that you cannot stop.

How are addictions formed?

Addictions are formed from attempting to regulate and alternate our internal state.

In today's society we are conditioned to believe that we should seek change outside of ourselves and this had lead to a vast array of harmful addictions that only bring short term pleasure and can hugely impact our lives in a negative way. This is sort of like a Newtonian principle that states 'every object in uniform motion will remain in this state of motion unless an external force acts on it'. You remain in your current state until something comes to make you feel happy like love, money, pleasure etc. This is very similar conditioning to that of consumerism. The problem with this conditioning is that people are confusing true happiness with pleasure and they are most definitely not the same thing. Happiness can be a by-product of pleasure but we cannot seek our happiness solely from pleasure.

Most people suffering from addiction have had difficult past experiences that have lead to emotional blockages and an overwhelming need to relieve themselves from their thoughts and emotions. Often, emotional blockages can stem from childhood and these issues can take a lot longer to identify They do not know how to change and are seeking relief outside of themselves. This is where self education, meditation, energy healing and talking therapy can be highly beneficial.

Addiction is simply the numbing of an emotional wound through external pleasure. The body becomes the mind when we are addicted as it is the body that is craving relief due to its chemical addiction to substances, food, pornography etc. The body is living in the past as the pleasure side of the brain is re-calibrated to need a higher level of the external substance each time and the body will begin craving the substance or chemical reaction which takes control away from the mind.

Most people do not understand that true change happens within and this can only be achieved when we are conscious of all that is holding us back. We need to become aware of the core emotional and energetic wounds that are keeping us in a state of seeking relief and pleasure externally. Only once we have become conscious of the root cause of our discomfort will we be able to make significant change.

In neuroscience there is a term called Metacognition where you seek to become aware of your thought processes, habits and unconscious behaviours and look at the emotional blockages from past experiences, you allow yourself to observe them and become the watcher and ultimately conscious of the root cause to your addiction. During meditation or a reiki treatment you enter into this state of being and in this state you are objectifying the subjective self and seeing yourself through the eyes of your higher self. Although during a reiki treatment you also have the objective perspective of the practitioner to help you gain clarity on your internal world.

The frontal lobe of the brain makes up 40% of our entire brain and this is the CEO, the creative centre and the area of the brain that regulates and controls our behaviour and emotional reactions. When we are operating from the frontal lobe of the brain you are beginning to regain control over your life and take back the power from the 'body mind' that is stuck in addiction.

However, when we decide to quit our addiction and step into the unknown the body mind will begin to get very uncomfortable as this is the biological, neurological, chemical, hormonal and genetic death of the known and this is when the chatter will begin to start, such as ' you're not good enough', 'you're just like your mother' etc.

This happens because the body that has been conditioned to be the mind and has been living in the past would rather hold onto the guilt and stress because its foundation is holding onto unworthiness and emptiness. It would rather cling to the familiar than face the unknown.

Although, the unknown space is where outstanding change can take place because you are able to re-write the subconscious mind and become extremely self aware and take back control of your life. You can begin to choose what you wish to feel and think by using affirmations and choosing healthy habits and thoughts to replace the old ones which will install new mental circuits that can make the mind believe it has already happened. This is when things become a lot easier as the re-programming has begun and the chatter will begin to subside.

When we are consciously selecting our thoughts and feelings we enter into true change and from a biological perspective we are becoming a brand new person as you are changing your personality. Your personality is made up of how you think, act and feel and when you change these aspects you can change your personality.

Become more aware of the unconscious patterns of thought and emotion that is keeping you anchored to the past and decide if these thoughts and emotions belong in your future.

Change does not happen overnight especially when dealing with addiction but anybody who is suffering from addiction or any other form of self sabotaging behaviours could greatly benefit from becoming more conscious and aware of their emotional and thought patterns.

Once we reach this state of awareness we are on our way to becoming the master of our futures.

Many blessings to you all!