Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Working your magic and manifesting can be done in various ways, however candle magic is a potent and simple way to set your intentions, manifest and perform spells.


Spells are simply an intention in motion and they use the elements to bring forth specific types of energy that you seek. Manifestations and desires can often be represented by the fire element as it is connected to creativity, passion and action. When working with candle magic you are literally igniting your desire and bringing it from the non-physical (your mind) into the physical (the candle/flame).

*Please note that spells should only ever be conducted for yourself or another with permission, spells should never be done on someone else without their permission*

What you will need

  1. A candle

  2. A white piece of paper and a pen

  3. A lighter or matches

The set-up

To perform a candle spell you need to consider a few simple things.

Firstly you want to decide what size and colour candle you wish to use as larger candles will take much longer to burn and ideally you don't want to extinguish the candle yourself, you want to wait until it has extinguished itself. Colours are associated with different energies and the colour of the candle is important when performing a spell (below you will find a list of different candle colours, their meanings and which kinds of spells they are most useful for).

Secondly you want to inscribe the candle with your intention for example 'wealth and prosperity' or 'true love' and then you can also anoint the candle with a specific essential oil that corresponds with your desire (make sure it is not flammable) or you can add dried flowers or herbs.

Finally you should write your desire in a spell format or as an affirmation. Write this down 3 times and say it aloud 3 times, when you are writing and speaking your desire into existence you want to begin feeling the emotions you would feel when you receive your desire. Then, light the candle and let the candle burn until it has extinguished (if possible).

Candle Colours


Red candles represent the fire element and are associated with the planet mars so it is best to perform red candle magic on a Tuesday. Red candles are best used for enhancing creativity, attracting a passionate lover, protective magic, determination, lust, courage and mending and repairing broken friendships or relationships in general.


Pink candles are associated with love and the planet venus so it is best to perform pink candle magic on a Friday. Pink candles are used to attract genuine and sweet love for yourself or from another. Pink candles are the best candles to use to attract self confidence and your true love.


White candles are associated with the moon and can be used to replace any other colour.

White candles are associated with intuition, divination, spiritual strength, purity, wisdom, maternal energy, peace, healing and clarity.


Blue candles are associated with the water element, the third eye and the throat chakra.

Blue candles are best used to bring forth peace, tranquility, spiritual enlightenment, Divine guidance during meditation, astral projection, opening up lines of communication with others or unblocking your own ability to communicate authentically and they can also be used to attract loyalty and travel.


Purple candles are associated with Jupiter and the crown chakra. Purple candle magic is used to attract psychism, power, spiritual protection, healing and spiritual insight/revelation.


Green candles are associated with Jupiter so green candle magic is best conducted on a Thursday. Green candles are used to bring luck, financial gain, prosperity, successful energy and fertility.


Orange candles are associated with the sacral chakra and the sun, mars and mercury. Orange candles are best for attracting connection, creativity, encouragement, stimulation, attraction, life-force energy and joy.


Yellow candles are associated with the element of air, the Sun, Mars and Mercury and the solar plexus chakra.

Yellow candles are used for spells wanting to attract masculine (left-brain) power, knowledge, concentration, focus, charm, logic, action, gentle persuasion and changes.


Gold candles are associated with The Sun and are best used for attaining money, success, decision making and bringing forth masculine energy (logic).


Silver candles are associated with the Moon and feminine energy and best used on a Monday. Silver candles can be used to attract enhanced intuition, purity, internal insight and reflection. Silver candles are also used for lunar magic.


Brown candles are associated with the element of Earth and the planet Saturn. Brown candles are best used for grounding, connection to ancestors, protection of familiars and pets, connecting to tree spirits.


Black candles are associated with the planet Saturn and are best performed on a Saturday. Black candles can be used for protection and to banish evil or negativity.

Many blessings to you all!