Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The peace i am, resides within you. I am always with you and i shall never leave you, i cannot leave you. I am love and so are you, all you have to do is remember this fact. All that your heart truly yearns for is already meant for you and will be done. When you allow the mind to be peaceful and anchor the heart in unconditional love for yourself and all beings great progress can be made. Nothing is impossible with me by your side, we shall seek solutions together. All beings are entitled to their hearts desires and you shall see this when you join me in peace and love. I ask of nothing more than for you to simply be yourself. Through meditation or any activity that relaxes and soothes the mind into peace, great insights shall come and triumphant victories shall be won. I ask that you hold faith in my presence in you at all times, especially through the darkest hours because i am preparing you for the answers your soul seeks. Be patient with yourself at all times and know that i also delight in humour and we can chose to laugh our way through this adventure we call life.

I urge you to find something beautiful everyday and aim to love yourself the way i will always love you-unconditionally. Do not fear abandonment for you are never alone and i am always listening to you. Be grateful for the things that you have in your life and speak from a place of abundance at all times. Just by living this human existence you are already truly blessed, try to remember this during times of struggle. I am always working for your highest good and i shall continuously support your loving desires.

Yours truly,