The law of attraction is working for you right now and will always be working for you whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

The question is - Do you want to use it to actualise your greatest desires?

If so, then you're in the right place!



Danielle Millis is a reiki master, law of attraction coach and intuitive healer who thrives on providing others with the tools to transform their realities and evolve! 

Danielle specialises in law of attraction coaching due to her extensive research and experience with the philosophy and her moral beliefs that everyone has the power to achieve anything they desire if the necessary conditions are present.


The main conditions for positive change lay within a safe, empathetic and confidential space and thus within the coaching relationship with Danielle these qualities are continuously present and revered.


Danielle goes above and beyond to ensure that coaching clients receive all the necessary tools to implement and maintain change throughout the relationship. All tools and resources provided are uniquely tailored to every individual client as Danielle recognises the need to embrace and harness the differences in every client for the best results. 



Danielle is a truly genuine and beautiful human who fulfils every promise she makes within the coaching plan. I have found my power through the law of attraction coaching and the resources provided will last me a life time! I cannot thank you enough Danielle. 

- Sarah J - Frankfurt 

Coaching with Danielle has been exactly what I was needing. I have manifested so many changes in my life and feel so aligned with my purpose and my business is thriving! So grateful.

- Josh R - East Sussex 

I started the awakening coaching plan as I had no experience with the law of attraction but had heard lots about it. I wanted to shake things up in my life after a period of feeling quite low and stagnant so I had an initial consultation and loved Danielle's energy and signed up to the plan soon after. I certainly did not regret it and I feel I've had a major shake up in so many areas of my life and definitely discovered the power of the law of attraction myself! Thank you so much!!!

Lou D - Shanghai